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Global vs Local Variables

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Having recently discussed the use of global and local variables with Dana, I could not help but writing a bit of explanation for those who are not so experienced in the matter. Have a look at the attached document.


Happy new year for all you forum supporters



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 Thank you so much!  -Robyn

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Bob and I discussed pros and cons of Globals.


I use in some programs extensively globals, and use pointers

to them. Pariculary in cases where code space is challenged,

or execution speed. You define them once, they do not get pushed/

pulled on stack operations, just the pointers.


Note however this works great in reducing code size where native

machine size is 8 bit, and you have many ints and longs, especially



I think collectively we should do a sticky Globals vs Locals thread,

get everyones input, and put it in an ap note.


Regards, Dana.

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