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Getting by on Example C code is no longer enough | Cypress Semiconductor

Getting by on Example C code is no longer enough

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I'm an analog circuit guy. I took a C programming class, an assembly language class, and a Basic class in the distant past (before IDE's were invented). I have been getting by in the PSoC world by adapting the example code for quite a while now. As I am getting more ambitious, I would like to know more about the features and functions of the Creator IDE and the best reference for the syntax used by the C compiler. Would someone 'in-the-know' please suggest (for both these areas seperately)...?

1.  On-demand training or video (intro level and above)

2.  Cypress (or provider) documentation

3.  One or two 'C' textbooks that (hopefully) would not lead me very far outside the PSoC syntax

Thanks very much.

Tim M

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Hi Tim,

you are crossing over the analog border line, that's great and will open a whole new world. To get you going here are some pointers.

If you start on the "Creator homepage"  you will see on the right hand side lots of links. One is to Videos and several others to documentation.

The best entry point for training though is

Documentation is also available within Creator for every component, right click on the component and one option will be "Open Datasheet".

My first 5 PSoC3 designs is good reading:


As for a good C-Book, that is highly depending on personal liking.

"The C programming language by Kernighan / Ritchie" is old but still a reference.

"Embedded C-programming by Michael J. Pont" comes to mind.

Have fun developing with PSoC and Creator!


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Robert, thanks very much. I have looked at much of that already but will definately take a look at those links and the embedded C book... I have a copy of K&R C 2nd edition... somewhere...

Thanks again.

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The syntax can also be referred to from the Keil Documentation available in the PSoC Creator.

The relevant APIs associated with a given component can be obtained from the Component datasheet.

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I am having trouble seeing syntax in the Keil Docs... I'm not used to that kind of doc, I guess.

For example: if.... else if.... then(?), ... else and then putting if (and else if) statements within another set of them. How can one keep track of the pieces so they function in a way that is predictable and (hopefully) productive.

Where in the Keil docs do I find that? OR... is there a fundamental C programming syntax or methodology that I've skated right past?

On a different note: where would you recommend I learn Creator debugging... stepping thru code and dealing with stepping into interrupt service routines (when I'm not expecting that event)?


Tim (aka TDGM and Tim M)

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