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Get PSoC Creator 2.1 production version now | Cypress Semiconductor

Get PSoC Creator 2.1 production version now

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PSoC Creator 2.1 is live on the Cypress website. 

If you have not downloaded Creator 2.1 production version yet, now is a great time!

There are a couple options how to download. Follow the above link and select the file "

PSoC Creator 2.1"

This is an executable file and will install the new version of PSoC Creator. It will NOT uninstall any previousl versions of PSoC Creator which you may have installed on your computer. As soon as you open a project in PSoC Creator 2.1, the tool will save a backup of your previous project version.

More information what you get and how it works upfront in the

Release Notes


We, the Cypress PSoC Team are eager to hear about your experience, good or bad. Naturally we hope there will be plenty of good experience and no bad ones.

Have fun with the all new, improved and outstanding PSoC Creator 2.1!

Cheers, Robert

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