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EXAMPLES and SAVING in Creator: what is ... | Cypress Semiconductor

EXAMPLES and SAVING in Creator: what is ...

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In Creator 2.1, what is a good way to have a whole project (workspace?) saved to a particular folder?

Can I save a copy later in a different folder/location? How?

If I create a component, is it available in CREATOR for me to use in a future/different project?

If I do not have DEV KIT CD's, how can I (or can I?) load example projects so CREATOR shows them under Examples and Kits on the Start Page?

Sometimes I seem to have two projects open at the same time... and if I want to copy some code from main.c(X) to main.c(Y) that is ok... Can I close the workspace on each and all is right with the world? I ask because sometimes I can not find one of the files (easily). By the way, sometimes I get two copies of CREATOR open at the same time in these scenerios.

In getting example projects, CREATOR confuses me sometimes when I go to reopen one (that I assumed had been saved) and asks me if I want to write over it....

So, what is a good way to keep it all organized? Originals (from you or me), Modified versions, Components (for use in other projects) and Experimental versions (ie saving under a different name).


Tim Miner



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Best is to use

File -> Create Workspace Bundle

Even a choice of minimal files includes all of your own sources. You may copy the contents of the archive to a new location and adjust the project- and workspace-names to the new needs and (when required) select a new device.


Happy coding


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 That did not entirely answer the question. Unless that is the only way to save a work space?

The saving process is confusing. Creator often has greyed out menu items.

Could someone show the actual steps of opening an example and saving it under a different name?


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Start by opening an project




Pick Project, click "advannced" at bottom

Choose "Create New Workspace"




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Hello everyone

PSoC Designer has the cloning process but Creator has not,

I've been do it like this ...

1) Copy and Paste workspace root directory by Windows

2) Change root directory name to new name

3) Open workspace in new directory

4) Click Project name in workspace tab and change it (F2 or "Rename")

5) Same changing on Workspace-name

That's all, New named project had been created

You can keep original project and create new your experimental project.

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