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emWinGraphics Display Drivers

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Hi All.

I recently went to use the emWin package within a PSoC5 project, and was disappointed to learn that Cypress seems to have licensed the GUIDRV_CompactColor_16 display driver only. Are there any plans to extend the number of display drivers that are offered? I am having difficulty sourcing a graphical LCD module that uses any of the controllers supported by the existing display driver.


  - R

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Cypress Employee
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 Rodney - 

Could you provide some feedback on which driver you would be interested in.  We can't provide the entire library of Segger drivers in our release, but we can supply more than just the CompactColor16.  That one is the most universal driver, so it was the one that we started with first.

 - Brad

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Just a thought, you might want to post the existance of these drivers

in a thread with a searchable subject line on


Regards, Dana.

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Hi Brad.

Thanks for your reply. If possible, I would like to see Cypress include the Segger "GUIDRV_Page1bpp" compile-time configurable driver as part of the emWinGraphics package. It would of course be magic if Cypress was to include every Segger graphics display driver, but I can understand there are likely constraints around this.


 - Rodney

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guys these is regarding about driver support on Epson S1D13517 , as the documents they didnt include this particular controller , so i was wondering if there other library's that u can provide us to use ? 

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