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Device Selector Guide

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I would like to propose a new/old idea, an indepth, comprehensive, searchable

selector guide for all PSOC families.


If you look at Freescale and uChip they have variations on this, both companies with

more indepth guide than selector on Cypress website or in design tools.


Some points -


1) Contain design status/part maturity

2) 1K price

3) Constanly in revision, Cypress adds to it incrementally, eg. do not tackle a huge problem all in one effort

4) Cypress already has a base to start from,  Designer and Creator and Web databases

5) Add stuff like sleep currents, ref accuracy, MIPs, all modules, memory speed, package pitch, thermal R,

startup time, clock accuracy ............just keep adding attributes

6) Allows marketing, in one tool, to convey and control design focus parts vs mature vs eol parts, great

for Cypress field sales and FAEs, as well as customers. A "living" tool.

7) All PSOC familes


Just a thought.


Regards, Dana.





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