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Creator best practice with ISR

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In the new Creator, there is the new feature to handle API callback that will handle also interrupts.

What will be the preferred way to code isrs:

  1. Add the code in the generated file between the defined region?
  2. Write the external function and register it with StartEx()?
  3. Use the cyapicallbacks.h mechanism?

Best regards


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Welcome in the forum, Juan-Carlos!

The API callbacks are for some special cases where the component does not offer an interrupt signal as the I2C for instance.

Usually, when the component has got an interrupt signal (or an output that can be used for that purpose) as an UART or ADC you just connect an isr-component to it and configure it as rising edge. In your code you specify the interrupt handler as

CY_ISR_PROTO(YourHandler); // Declaration only

CY_ISR(YourHandler)   // Definition

// Handler code goes here

And lastly the initialization with




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This is a good questions. That seems no bee very consistent.

I have a part with a ADC component (without ISR component! - PSoC 4 Creator 3.3).

The isr is a custom isr, as Bob writes, in main.c It works well. A separate isr-component was not necessary.


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