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Creator 3.0 Major(?) Bug Report

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When trying to access a specified register in GCC the syntax is given clearly. Here an example:

volatile register uint32 R2 asm ("r2");

This line gets flagged by the code-checker stating that the label "r2" is ignored because R2 is an automatic variable.

Instead declaring

static volatile register uint32 R2 asm ("r2");

is accepted and no error displayed.

But when compiled, the first declaration is error-free and the register can be accessed from C without any problems, while the second declaration is flgges as an error.

I admit that this issue will only touch the "Cracks", but the truth is: I am one.



PS: before hitting the "Post"-button everything looks nice, let's see whether the text gets clobbered.

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This is my day!!!

No text-mixing by the code editor when using pasted lines!



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 Nice catch Bob.

Wouldn't it be good if there was nice place to report bugs to cypress - not for support like 'My Cases' just to ley the dev teams know. 

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I have noticed that too. I actually thought I was doing something wrong.

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Robyn, shall we consider to mail our bugs directly to you? You already have taken over sometimes and re-directed that information into the right channels. Only the frequent contributors will remember such an arrangement, so you will not bath in emails. The question is: who (you?) is going to make that job...



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 You can certainly email me any bugs you find (or feature improvements you'd like)!  I do try to enter any bugs/challenges that I see on the forums for our dev team.  You can email me at RBYN at cypress dot com anytime if you'd like to report things though.



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 UDB Editor bug

Create instruction   Nop,  A0 = F0, A1 = F1

Generated verilog is incorrect. 


Error: Undefined macro `CS_A1_SRC___F0'   Should be  `CS_A1_SRC___F1


UDB Editor feature request

UDB Editor lacks datapath configurable options: Parallel IO and Carry handling. Please add it.

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