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Creator 2.2 available

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Since the blog posting stating that is visible but on the homepage, but the link doesn't work: PSoC Creator 2.2 can be downloaded here. It fixes some bugs, has some new features, but especially comes with 10 new components (mostly smaller, but nonetheless usefull ones).

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Is it just me,or is Cypress Update Manager presenting only the option for a fresh download,and not an update(from Creator 2.1 SP1) ?

sigh,another 500MB download :(

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It is the update-Manager.. Versions 2.1 and 2.2 are co-existent, so it is a fresh installation.


I tell you: HAVE A LOOK AT the generation of Project Documentation. GREAT STUFF!!!


I whish you all a merry christmas-time !


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 Could you please add a link to direct download the iso? The downloadmanager provided will not work at my company using google chrome. Older revisions of psoc creator had their direct link on the download page.




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I'm new to PSoC and Creator.  I have v1.0 w/service pack 2 installed and am considering downloading v2.2.  Do I need to uninstall the previous version before loading the latest?  I don't see the need to have two versions loaded, tying up all that space unneccessarily. 

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Different versions can co-exist, you do not need to uninstall.


If you do not have any older version projects you have to maintain, uninstall.


Regards, Dana.


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