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Connect the same signal to all three bits of a bus | Cypress Semiconductor

Connect the same signal to all three bits of a bus

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I have a 2-input, 3-bit-wide AND gate. I'd like to supply the same signal (which is coming from a single-bit-wide NOT gate) to all 3 bits of the second input to the AND gate.

I tried following the instructions in the PSOC Creator help topic 'Drawing Buses' but no matter what order I do things in I always end up with errors. Usually "No input on instance "and_1", terminal "term1[2:0]". Some ways I have tried even complain that the is no input on the terminal "outTerminal" of the NOT gate, I can't imagine what that message is even trying to mean.

Could someone please walk me through this? I no it can't be complicated, but I am stumped.




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Hi Doug,

I spoke with an Apps Engineer about this because I wasn't sure if this was possible.

In general, Creator doesn't support directly connecting a single bit to a bus input signal. The error your seeing is Creator reporting that the input terminal on the AND gate has unconnected signals.

I've attached a schematic image for reference.  In the attached, we used intermediate logic to create a bus for the input on the AND gate.  When you build, all this intermediate logic is optimized out.

The assumption is that the other input on the AND gate is a bus for a specific reason.  Here, we just used a Pins component configured with 3 pins.

Hope this helps!

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That works, thanks.



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