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Configure Clock, PWM......

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When configuring a clock it would be nice if user can enter

period vs frequency, with S, mS, and uS alongide entry window.


Same for any other related UDB functions, and add a computed

duty cycle message in config window for the PWM.


Regards, Dana.


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 That should be a easy one to implement. But would love them to fix this forum as well.

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That is a different department within Cypress. The Creator and Developer software team is eager to absorb error reports, suggestions for improvement and whishes for new modules. On the other hand they are able to help with hints, workarounds and announcements of changes - very transparent and easy to live with!


Compare that to the web-department team and I really question ...  Well, I am a guest in this forum, so I keep my mouth shut.

Anyone of the Web-Team visiting the "Embedded World" in Nürnberg at February 26th? I'd really like to talk to him / her.





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 Got the request entered.


Yes the SW development team and our web/IT team are completely different departments.  The software team appreciates all the feedback and even though we can't get to everything we do try to hit the main pain points.  We've got several new people on our web/IT team and they've been making some significant headway.  The keyword search (upper right) for example had a major infrastructure update.  It's made my searching on much more efficient.


Hopefully we'll get a couple more of those types of improvements in soon.



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Good to hear that. Looking forward for a more user friendly forum.

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