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config.hex ?

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I feel like this question may be vague so I will pose it as best as I can:

Does anyone know what config.hex is?

When I am trying to do a build for a project the build gets all the way to the end where it is trying to merge various hex files from various locations using cyhextool -o. The build exits with the following error:

Unable to read the hex file (.\Generated_Source\PSoC3\config.hex). The path does not exist.
The command 'cyhextool' failed with exit code '1'.

I studied previous version of the project and it appears that config.hex is getting generated. 

The only thing I can think of is that there are some file or directory permissions that keep this file from getting generated now but PSoC Creator perhaps does not return an error. So I am trying to trace back what is actually generating config.hex. 

Any ideas would be highly appreciated. I did review file permissions and everything looks OK but I am not sure if there is a more a robust way to make sure all the folders and subfolders are writable/readable on Windoze 7. 



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Avoid a network

Avoid non-ascii characters in file- and pathnames and the username

Try running Creator as admin

When all fails, I would suggest you to get in contact with Cypress directly. At top of this page use Design Support and create a support case.



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Posting the case conclusion:

It seems the issue is because [somehow] the config.hex is manually deleted from the Generated Source folder.

If any file is deleted outside of PSoC Creator, the project specific files will not get updated[CYPRJ]. So the PSoC Creator doesn't know the config.hex is not there and it will not regenerate.

We can easily solve this issue, you just need to delete the "Generated Source" folder from the PSoC Creator "Workspace explorer". Then build the project, the issue will be resolved.

Thanks and Regards
Jobin GT


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