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Component API code

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 I am trying to modify an existing component. I can find the Verilog file for it, but I can't find anything which looks like it might be the API code, or anything which can generate API code.


Where can I find it?




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I'm afraid you only have got a DLL with the APIs. You will have to file a technical case to get the required sources.



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I can think of 2 solutions for your problem:

  • take the generated code, modify it to your needs, and disable recreation of it ('generete API' in the component properties). This is the easiest way, but you should not change any configuration of the affected component afterwards.
  • or you take all the generated stuff, and use it as a basis for a new component. This is way more work, but allows you more flexibility. Plus, I don't know whether you are then allowed to distribute it (but I doubt it).
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