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Combining the Creator Forum with PSoC 3/5 is it good or bad? | Cypress Semiconductor

Combining the Creator Forum with PSoC 3/5 is it good or bad?

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Let me give it another shot. I asked the same question a while ago with onyl one response. That is indicating a "don't really care" but I could be wrong. That's why we decided to give it another go and ask for feedback in the community. 

Within Cypress, we are talking about the "PSoC Platform" or the "PSoC Experience". Creator is very closely related to PSoC 3/5 while PSoC Designer is a sibling to PSoC 1.

Because these subjects, PSoC Creator and PSoC 3/5 are so closely related, we are discussing to merge the content of both forums and call it a PSoC 3   --  Hardware  --  Software  --  DevKits or similarly a PSoC 5   --  Hardware  --  Software  --  DevKits forum

Another point to consider is the number of posts in each forum. Combining the forums will result in a higher traffic forum with more information in one place. A user forum is a platform where users tell other users what their issues are and what experience they have. It is also a platform where peers are helping peers.

You feedback is appreciated your votes will have a strong impact on the decision.

The plan is to merge, if you disagree, now is a good time to tell us, if you agree, it is a good time too :-)

Please post your opinion in this thread.

Cheers, Robert

Some possible answers:

  1. I would prefer to visit just 1 forum that addresses all my needs
  2. I would like to see these topics separated because ________
  3. Either one is fine with me
  4. Other: ________________________


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I would like to keep the hardware platform PSoC1/3/5 separate from the development platform

for the following reasons :

1) Reduce clutter - hardware questions about clock speed, etc. have nothing to do with the software (really).

2) Software questions about tools operation, etc, should be in the Software forum.

3) Cross posts should be discouraged to reduce clutter and keep the question succinct.

my opinions...




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Oh, and the other reason I forgot to mention is other development environments.

Eventually, software development for PSoC1/3/5 will run on other development/IDE's,

such as IAR, Eclipse, Codewright, etc.  and these should each be in their own sub-forums.



Tom Moxon



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