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Cloning a project

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PSoC Creator contains a mechanism for cloning the Example Projects, indeed it's the only way to open them really because they're write protected.


But is there a way to clone one of my own projects?  I could just take a copy of the project folder, but then all of the files and folders have the same name. Ideally the cloning process would automatically rename all of the files and folders to match the name of the new project.


Many thanks - Hugo

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I would suggest you to use the "Create Workspace Bundle" feature which creates an archive of a project. This archive can be copied (expanded) into a new folder and then you may start renaming project, workspace, whatever you want.



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This might be of use -


Regards, Dana.

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 This is something I would think *everyone* would find a need for, namely a "save as" option, so you could incrementally build a project, get some of it working, save that as a new project, etc.  I found the following solution with a web search, and can report that it works "as advertised".  I made a little text file of the instructions, which I pop up as needed, but a "save as" option in V2.3(?) would sure be much appreciated!  Note that going the "archive" route is NOT the same thing!

Here are the steps, as reported by jomalogil on Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:57 am

a) open the workspace where is the original project
b) right click over project and select copy.
c) close workspace (File menu)
d) open (create) a new project, but select Others-> empty workspace
e) write the name of the "clone" project
f) right click over workspace and select paste.
g) rename the project.
h) select different PN if necessary

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I always use a different way to "clone" a project.

As suggested in the link Dana supplied I use "Create Workspace bundle", choosing the minimal zipped version. Then I expand the archive into a new folder and rename workspace / project if required. Even when changing the computer where Creator runs on I do not get any errors.



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I agree that a "Save as..." menu choice should be added. Such a file maintenance option is standard on practically every piece of PC and Mac software that deals with files.


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