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BUG - Notice List not clearing at build start | Cypress Semiconductor

BUG - Notice List not clearing at build start

Summary: 6 Replies, Latest post by ANKS on 26 Apr 2017 01:02 AM PDT
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Dear all PSoC enthusiasts.


I believe that my PSoC Creator has a little BUG that quite bothers me. Whenever I build a project the notice list does not clear, showing errors and alerts even after all of them were corrected, even the Build is succeed, but the list keeps full of past errors.

Have any of you guys faced the same issue already?


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Notice list shows always the results of all builds in a Creator session. This allows for checking code/ram usage when compiled with different settings. All new notes are appended at the end of the list. You may clear it manually.



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Hi Bob, thank you for your reply!

I understand that if appends the new notes on a Creator session, but even when it was related to the same project. I fixed the errors but they keep on the list.

You mentioned that I can clear them manually, how?

Thank you again.


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Hi Nicolas,

I think i have the same behavior in Creator 4.0, the only way i can clear those errors are closing Creator and opening it again, this ended up being more annoying to me haha.

There's another post on the forum where an Cypress employe explain the reason of this "bug" but i can't find it right now.



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Hello Nicolas,Carlos

Are you observing this issue for all the projects or for specific project.

Can you share details about your system like OS,RAM available and .NET version.

I have seen this issue,but it is sporadic,there is no definite way to recreate it.

The behavior varies across systems also


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Hi Carlos and PSOC Buddy! Hope you're doing well.

PSoC Buddy, this issue has already happened more than once with me, most of the times when I have several projects in a workspace and I am working on more than one at the same time (keep changing the active project).

Regarding my system spec. I run the PSoC Creator in a virtual machine (parallels desktop) with windows 10. It runs with 8GB of RAM and 4 dedicated CPU Cores. The .NET installed is the 4.6.1.

Carlos, the only way I found to clear the notice list is to close and open again, as you've mentioned.

I will try to report this to Cypress directly via a case. I am still wondering if it is a bug or it is meant to work like that



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Cypress Employee
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Hello Nicolas,


Can you tell us whether you get this behavior even when you don't open several projects in a workspace.Does you get this behavior when you open 2-3 projects in a workspace or not.

Please share your observations

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