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Bridge control panel 1.2

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Hi, I did not see a section for other cypress software tools, so I will post here.  Please move to the correct section if required.  I am having issues with the Bridge Control Panel 1.2.  I am using the software and miniprog3 to test a I2C slave.  

Problem 1:
For a I2C transaction, the command for generating a restart (or no stop) is not working.  For example, the below 2 transactions looks identical on the scope.  #1 generates a stop between write-read transaction, which is working.  But, #2 still generates the stop between write-read transaction, even though 'p' was not specified.  I am not able to generate a 'no stop' or 'restart' condition using this tool.

1- S fe 00 p S ff x x x x p
2- S fe 00 S ff x x x x p

Problem 2:
Delay within transaction does not work properly.  Command #1 will detect a false NAK from the slave during address phase even though it is ACKed.

1- S fe [DELAY=15] aa
2- S fe aa

Thanks for any help.

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Dear dchung

you are correct that there is no specific forum for the bridge control panel. I asked our support team to look into your issue and they will post on the forum.

Which devices (hardware) are you using? 


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 Is there a fix for this yet?

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Problem 1.

This is known issue, it was fixed in BCP 1.3 release. Please update to latest version of PSoC Programmer.

Problem 2.

This is restriction of MiniProg3's device. There is no fix planning for it due to significant changes needed in its implementation and also because this is pretty rara use case. The delays for MiniProg3 only supported between I2C transaction (but not inside as in your case).

Workaround: Please use CY3240 Bridge - it supports delay inside of transaction.


Technical Lead of PSoC Programmer project.



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