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Bootloader Error with PSoC Creator 3 | Cypress Semiconductor

Bootloader Error with PSoC Creator 3

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Hi! I have a problem with the bootloader component, I have been working with PSoC Creator 2.2 and I used a bootloader for updating my applications, a few days ago I update to PSoC Creator 3 and when I update the components of my Bootloader Application my project just stop working,

In my application I have a Digital Input Pin named "Boot" , a Bootloader component named "Bootloader" and  a UART component for communicate to the PC with the PSoC. And what I want to do is to initialize the bootloader using a push button when I reset the PSoC.

My code is this:

int main()
    /**********    Initialization  **********/

    if((Boot_Read() == 0) || (Bootloader_GET_RUN_TYPE == Bootloader_START_BTLDR)){

        /* Place your application code here. */

When I build my project a new error appear: 'undefined reference to Bootloader_LaunchApplication" ', I looked for that function in Bootloader.c in the Generated_Source folder and that function is there but I can't use that function because it is Static.

I tried replacing:




but it doesn't work, the PSoC just stop working and I can't bootload a new application nor I can´t use the previously loaded application.

I need to find a way to initialize the Bootloader using a push button when I reset the PSoC, I've been trying writting new code but the bootloader doesn't work like I wish. I hope you can help me


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 Check the dependency path in the bootloadable component, in the bootloadable project.

There is a chance that it is still pointing to code compiled by v2.2 of Creator. Especially check the part of the path that mentions GCC.

The best thing to do is clear out the dependency and re-browse for the associated hex file.

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