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I noticed PSoC Creator gives an error when I disable the debug property at both the bootloader project and the main project.

ADD: pft.M0047: error: The 'Enable' property of the System DWR for the Bootloader and Loadable projects must match but don't. Bootloader ('Bootload01') has value 'False' and Loadable ('UMR01_T_01a35') has value 'True'.

This error is issued false because the Loadable (UMR01...) has the debug enable property set to false. I'll attach a screenshot. Funny thing is the project finally builds well :)

There are also problems with the debug port selection, setting them both to 'none' also gives an error.

Does PSoC Creator take the corresponding build configuration (debug/release) for the bootloader also, or does it always take the one in the 'debug' folder?

At last, it would be nice if the DWR settings would automatically switch when switching from 'debug' to 'release' and vice versa.





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