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Bootloadable debug

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I'll make a bootloader for the PSOC 4 BLE. I have a workspace with 2 project example BLE_Shared_Memory_Bootloader and Bootloadable.

It works well with BootloaderHost tool. But I would like to debug my bootloadable app with PSoC Creator 3.2 SP1. In the project Bootloadable I can not Debug (F5).

How to debug without going back each time by BootloaderHost?



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Debugging Bootloadable Projects
In the PSoC Creator bootloader system, the bootloader project executes first and

then the bootloadable project. The jump from the bootloader to the bootloadable

project is done through a software controlled device reset; see Appendix A for

details. This resets the debugger interface, which means that the bootloadable

project cannot be run in debugger mode.

To debug a bootloadable project, convert it to Application Type Normal (Figure 14),

debug it, and then convert it back to Bootloadable after debugging is done. Another

option is to program the Bootloadable project .hex file onto the device and then use

the Attach to running targe option for debugging, while the bootloadable project is

running. In this case, you can debug the bootloadable project only from the point

where debugger is attached to the device.      AN73503 PSoC® 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP Introduction To Bootloaders                       AN68272 UART BL     PSOC 3, 4, 5LP                                         AN60317 I2C BL         PSOC 3, 5LP                               AN73503 USB HID BL with GUI Host     PSOC 3, 5LP                                                                                     AN86526 - PSoC® 4  I2C Bootloader                                       AN68272 - PSoC® 3, PSoC 4 and PSoC 5LP UART Bootloader


Regards, Dana.

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Ok, that's what I did. But this is not useful.


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That used to be the way to debug a bootloadable proejct, but they added a command in the Debug drop down.  "Attach to running target".  If you do that, it will jump to the running bootloadable project and it halts execution.  You never know where, so I always hit the Reset Icon to set the PC to the beginning of the application and debug from there.

Best Regards,
Mike Roberts
Arrow, PSoC Specialist.

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My PSoC doesn't show up in the "Attached Targets" field. I'm using CY8CKIT-049-42xx and am running a bootloadable application. Any reason why this might be?

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Do not forget to press the switch when insertin the kit into the USB port. You need to use the Bootloader Host to program the kit.

What is the state of the LEDs? Frequency??



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