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Archive warning prj.M0169

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When I archive my project, I get a warning that it can't find files.  I have deleted these files from the project long ago.   I can't seem to find where the project is still referencing them, but I still get this warning.

Anyone know where to look to completely remove these references from my project.

Here is the warning I get:


Warning: prj.M0169: The archive succeeded with missing files. The following files were not found on disk and therefore could not be included in the archive: 

This is not a real problem, but a annoyance I would like to correct.


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Didi you try to do a clean build before? Maybe that makes Creator find out that the files are not needed anymore...

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I resolved this issue, by adding those resource back into my design, clean and build the project.  Then remove the resource from the design and remove the files from the project.

I no longer get this message/warning.

I'm not sure why doing it a second time worked, as I originally removed these from my project this way.


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