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Analog Device Editor

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Immediately, I was favorited the CREATOR2.1 I think a major step forward in this CREATOR.
... Analog device editor, Rubber band mode, New Power Supervision Components ...
I think that is a great finished up.

Among them, I find some new feature that is a OHM METER.
It can start simply select net from the right side tab and right-click.
The estimate resistance value will shown between the measuring point with the specified node.
This is useful to know the voltage drop of analog wirings, for precise measurements.

So on, I can't wait to try out other new features of the CREATOR2.1

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Yeah, the Ohm Meter is another one of the new features helping to understand when signals aren't quite what we expect them to be. The combination of hardware/software co-development is probably unique in the industry.

Hardware support is getting better with every release, I hope we will see some improvements in the debugger in a not too distant future, please.

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