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am i just doing something wrong or missing a setting for debugging with miniprog? | Cypress Semiconductor

am i just doing something wrong or missing a setting for debugging with miniprog?

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Everytime i compile and flash, the debug window for acquire and connect pops up, it takes me a menu selection, and three mouse clicks on different places to do the actual flash ? where am i going wrong, why isn't it remembering the settings or keeping the acquire?  I can't seem to find a default device type of dialog anywhere.

I do select debug target, select it acquire it, then select program flash, if i say instantly repeat program flash, it brings me back to select debug target, which i just selected 30 seconds ago. 



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Try exiting PSOC Creator and re-entering, maybe Creator trashed its config

memory. Also try inside Creator seperately selecting Debug target, "Debug",

"Select Debug Target"......


In the worst case you could try reinstalling Creator, but thats very time consuming.


Regards, Dana.


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 This may not be directly related to your issue but one thing I note is when I change projects, the options for debugger remain from last project.

ie. I use SWD debugging for PSOC 4 and change to 5LP project and when I go to debug it is still using SWD, and visa versa.

debug type seems to be set in 2 places. system settings and debug options.

Would be GREAT if the debug settings were saved with project

Other minprog 3 issues I noted to be aware of (you probably already are)

If the speed chosen is too high it will not work

If wrong version of Device is selected it will not work.  

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 same behaviour on different computers, seems unlikely its related to the install. But i can give it the old college try.

So i'm not nuts right? once you do acquireconnect it should just stay connected and let me flash as many times as i want without a re-acquire/connect

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Can it be that you use in your project the SWD-pins, so that the communication with the debugger ceases and has to be re-established? Or that your programmed configuration does disable the debug-part of the chip?

Best would be to load one of the example projects unmodified and see if it behaves similarily.



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 i'll try it, but it seems to happen all the time , regardless of project/machine.



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