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Adding project files to SVN | Cypress Semiconductor

Adding project files to SVN

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I am trying to add my PSoC Creator 2.0 project to the SVN repository, but I'm not sure which files I should add.


I have added the following:

* All .c and .h files I have written my self

* TopDesign.cysch and the folder it is in


I assume (am I correct) that you're not meant to add:

* The DP8051 folder

* The Generated_Source folder

* The codegentemp folder

* SF_01_timing.html

* SF_01.cyfit

* SF_01.cycdx

* SF_01.rpt


But what about the other files:

* SF_01.cyversion

* SF_01_PSoC3lib.uvopt

* SF_01.cydwr

* SF_01.cyprj

* SF_01_PSoC3lib.uvproj

* SF_01.cyprj.Administrator


Can anyone tell me? Is there any documentation on this?


Many thanks

Hugo Elias




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Interesting question because version control is something that does not come easy with Creator.

* SF_01.cydwr

Design wide resources, this information is generated and probably does not need to be captured


* SF_01.cyprj

The project file would make my list.


Any experts on Version Control with PSoC Creator around?


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manytimes   we  only  add the All .c and .h files   if you  willing to  build a  new  project,


* SF_01.cyversion

* SF_01_PSoC3lib.uvopt

* SF_01.cydwr

* SF_01.cyprj

* SF_01_PSoC3lib.uvproj

* SF_01.cyprj.Administrator

are  configure files ,  if  you  build  a  new  project ,   there  may  built  many new  files   like  these automateic,

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I usually add (keep) these files in the version control to retreive my projects correctly.

1) *.cywrk

2) *.cydsn --> main.c, device.h, *.cydwr, *.cyprj, TopDesign-->*.cysch

These files are must for a project to be opened in creator.Not sure if this is documented somewhere.






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It isn't SVN, but I've got a ignore file that I use with Mercurial SCM. The ignore file is shown here:

It is important to note that the file types matched with this regexp syntax are those which are NOT included in the repo.

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This article lists some files but misspells some of them and isn't very thorough: "Revision Control for PSoC® Creator™ Projects - KBA86358"

I've added these exclusions:

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