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Creator and youtube example videos

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Im new to this product and am trying to follow along with the youtube series 'creating a ble app for the iphone'. What I see on my laptop and what is presented in the video are rather different. Project creation in the vid shows a page with numerous default templates and a couple tabs (design and other). What I see is a much less populated page with a few radio buttons (target module, target device, library project and workspace).  I fill in the appropriate infos, hit next and get to select from 2 project templates (code example and pre-populated schematic). Neither is really what I need if Im to follow the youtube example. So, what am I doing wrong here? Is this just a matter of setting creator up in a particular way or something else entirely?


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Welcome in the forum.

Cypress Creator is now on version 4.0 which has some changes in the initial screen. The tutorials are not yet up-to-date.

Can you provide a link to the youtube video?



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The new project screen underwent major changes in PSOC 4.0. The users wanted more control of the new project settings and these where implemented in the latest version. I am sure that other parts of the video doesn't follow the new release of PSOC Creator. I am sure that they are working on updates.

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