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About the questions of kits.

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Hi,somebody in cypress,

 I want to know what is the difference between the CY8CKIT-049-42xx PSoC 4 Prototyping Kit and the PSoC 4 Pioneering Kit.I am using the PSoC 4 Prototyping Kit and I am repeating the exact same steps in the PSoC Creator 101 Lesson 4: Let's Get an LED to Blink Part 1 and part2 (exept the kit) ,but I still can't control the blue led.I thought that the reason may be the kit.So thats why I am asking the difference between kits,I would also like to know how to put my project into my kit.Thanks!

Please write back,


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Not all the project running on the Pioneer kit wil run unmodified on the prototype board. You will additionally need the bootloader component for the Prototype. Check the different schematics of the boards, all downloadable starting here  and here



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The attached might help -


Regards, Dana.

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The CY8CKIT-049-4200 is a prototyping kit with minimal on-board hardware. Just a switch and a blue LED. You need to program this kit through the bootloader. The blue LED is on P1.6 on this kit.

The Pioneer is CY8CKIT-042 and that has a lot more on the board - suck as an RGB LED, CapSense slider, and a debugger. The blue LED (of the RGB) is on P0.3 on this kit.


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