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Modbus component

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I have worked on a component for Modbus in Creator about three years ago. It's completed for about 80% and was discontinued as we found another solution where we would not use Modbus anymore.


However, I would like to share the component with people willing to finish it . The component mainly consists of the CRC implementation, which currently works well. The rest would be done with the UART component which still has to be implemented.


Let me know if you are interested, email me at: rolf (at) nooteboom (dot) biz

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out of curiosity, what kind of market is there for Modbus? Haven't heard about this one for a long time.

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Modbus is still used at some industrial Operator Panels / Displays. In fact, it's a lightweight stack if you need to robustly transfer data over RS-485. 




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Hi Rolf

I have a new project in which I have to interface Modbus.

Can you send me the component, I'll try to finalize the design




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Although it is not a component, I did an article on creating a Modbus slave using the PSoC1 in Circuit Cellar July 2008, issue #216.

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Hi akagan, greetings!

Reading your article can I read sensors that have modbus output? Does the articale have the psoc 1 files? I was really looking for psoc 3 or 5lp to read these sensors but psoc 1 is ok for me. If you can give me a little more info about your work it will really help me at my school work.

Thank you very much for the help and time

Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina - Edgard

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Dear Raplh

I have to interface a PSoc5 LP to an HMI (Delta Electronics) using Modbus Ascii. All I need is the modbus ascii slave component since the HMI is the master. I have read Kagan's work on the PSoc1 and would like to implement it in Creator on PSoc5 LP and PSoc 3 devices.

Could you please send the module library to me


Much appreciated.



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 Please Rolf

I am interested in your MODBUS Component

Would you send me the code? and i will try to finish it

Excuse me but with protocol you used for your project, finally instead Modbus?


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His email is


rolf (at) nooteboom (dot) biz


Regards, Dana.

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