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Import Component Customizer in VS 2015

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Hi, it's me again xD

Lately i have been trying to get into how to build custom components, and i was trying to modify 'default' components. One thing i haven't been able to do is change the component customizer, i was trying to follow the next video:

But i'm trying to do it on VS Community Edition 2015, and i can't get the customizer itself on the 'figure' design.

Has anybody been able to import customizers into this version of VS, and sucessfully change the customizer on Creator afterwards?

One step after tis would be create custom component customizers on VS and import them on Creator, but that will be another story :)

Thanks in advance


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Hello Carlos,

While going through the video [Thanks for the link], I noticed the selection of .NET Framework as 2.0. 

There is an update in the .NET framework for PSoC Creator from version 3.3. I assume you are using the latest PSoC Creator and in the video it is version 3.1. You can find in the 3.3 release note that the minimum requirement is .NET Framework 4.0

Can you try this in PSoC Creator 3.1 as per the video or try changing the .NET framework to version 4.x



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Yes, that was the problem, i changed the .NET framework to 4.x and now i'm able to change the customizer on VS 2015, i forgot to read the Creator documentation before ask here.

Thanks for the help


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