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How to use the DMA capability File, a step-by-step guide | Cypress Semiconductor

How to use the DMA capability File, a step-by-step guide

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 DMA Wizard Capability File Step-By-Step Instructions




The DMA wizard is a very useful and terrifically underutilized tool at our disposal in Creator.  It simplifies configuring DMA for moving data quickly and reliably between pretty much any source and destination, but only if the time is spent to incorporate a component into the DMA tool.  Thankfully, adding DMA wizard support to any component is as simple as adding an XML file called a “DMA capability file” to you component.  This file allows you to greatly simplify the users experience by providing commonly used DMA source and destinations in an easier to understand and use human readable format.  Now this is not to say the DMA wizard is perfect, it has a long way to go to be as simple and powerful as we would like it to be, but even today, it can greatly simplify routine DMA configuration, and has become a tool that I appreciate more and more as I add DMA capability files to my components.


This memo provides step-by-step instructions and detailed explanations for every field in the DMA capability file with pictures showing how each setting impacts the users experience in the DMA wizard.



Attached File Summary:


File # 2 is a project bundle that includes a dummy component with all the features discussed in this memo in its DMA capability file.  This project can be used to play around with the different settings and options and observe how they change the user experience without having to create one from scratch.  To use the file, download it and remove the .PDF extension.

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