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How about Phase Comparator

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Hello Friends

This time, I am
starting the work of Phase Comparator

It is very just an
experimental design.


What is use it for?

Phase detector for PLL

Frequency comparator
for FLL

Clock synchronization


With my DDS ...

Vector Voltage

Automatic Universal

Tuning machine for
musical instruments ? 
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Theory of operation


PhDet1.JPG src=""
v:shapes="図_x0020_0" width="412" />

This logic come from
4046 type TTL, PLL device.

That TTL has 3 type
phase detectors.

PC1 is exclucive-or

PC2 is edge detected

PC3 is RS-flip-flop

Each has each


PC2 has a feature
different with others.

It have wide lock-in
range and available to

frequency detection not
only phase-range.


PhDet2.JPG src=""
v:shapes="図_x0020_1" width="424" />


This is quite getting
started now,

Has many unstable
behavior still

I'm not certain that
can use at actually.


Thank you

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This is wave form

When sweep phase-offset from -120deg to +120deg

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There are some videos about "Synchronous Detection" in the library, just search for the words and look at parts 1 to 4. Probably that technique can help you with your project. When you send a mail to Chris Keeser or Dave van Ess you can ask for the complete project files.



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Bob-san, Thanks for nice follows.

I didn't see all of cypress video,

The words, "Synchronous Detection" is first time to heard.

I will be watch it as soon.

Anyway, I'm not so serious to about this module.

Because, this too much consume UDBs.

There is no practical to real use.

It's just to know what's PSoC can do.

Thank you

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