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CY8CKIT-001 for sale | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-001 for sale

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I have three CY8CKIT-001s for sale.

The first two kits are complete (mainboard, daughterboards, psu, progger, etc.)
The third kit is missing the progger. I will try to find it but I will probably not so
this kit is interesting for people looking for a nice deal on daughterboards

price for the first two kits is $100 a piece
price fothe the third kit is $50

contact me on:

Item location is the Netherlands in Europe. Shipping to US or else is around $15


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5 months ago you discussed a weird Creator behavior, now you try to sell 3x 001 kits? 

Did you give up on PSoC?

The price is interesting but used dev kits can cause a lot of trouble so I leave this opportunity to other :-|

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