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C# Bootloader Issues

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    I am using the C# UART bootloader provided in AN68272; however, it either hangs or generates error code 4 when trying to push a new cyacd file.  The bootloader host application included with the PSoC creator installation works properly and transfers the file successfully.  Is anyone else having this issue?  I'm really not sure where to begin as the bootloader on the PSoC is working as shown by the successful transfer from the utility included with PSoC creator and the C# app is simply a collection of calls to a Cypress DLL.  Any suggestions are certainly appreciated. 

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I just want to check if you have set the baud rate properly.If the baud rate is correct, then can you try a lower baud rate and check if the bootloading is working fine in that baud rate.You will need to change the buad rate in the bootloader project as well.



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We are experiencing the same issue. Bootloader in PSoC creator works fine but the .exe in AN68272 keeps giving error 4 or hangs. Were you able to find a resolution? We are using 3.3 SP3.

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