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20 New Simple Teaching Components | Cypress Semiconductor

20 New Simple Teaching Components

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In the attached zip file, you'll find a single library contraining 20 simple teaching components.  These components and their associated datasheets run through a number of examples with information on how to build these simple engineering concepts into a Component.

  1. CYCC_CY42    BCD to Decimal Decoder (1-of-10)
  2. CYCC_CY74    D-Type Flip-Flop with Set and Reset
  3. CYCC_CY112   JK Flip-Flop with Set and Reset
  4. CYCC_CY161   8-bit Binary Counter: Asynchronous Reset
  5. CYCC_CY163   8-bit Binary Counter: Synchronous Reset
  6. CYCC_CY164   8-bit Serial-In/Parallel-Out Shift Register
  7. CYCC_CY166   8-bit Parallel-In/Serial-Out Shift Register
  8. CYCC_CY182   Look-Ahead Carry Generator
  9. CYCC_CY191   8-bit Binary Up/Down Counter
  10. CYCC_CY194   8-bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register
  11. CYCC_CY195   8-bit Parallel Access Shift Register
  12. CYCC_CY273   Octal D-Type Flip-Flop with Reset
  13. CYCC_CY273T  Octal T-Type Flip-Flop with Reset
  14. CYCC_CY293A  8-bit Accumulator with Carry In and Out
  15. CYCC_CYDSMod  Delta Sigma Modulated Density Generator
  16. CYCC_DSModA  Delta Sigma Modulated Density Generator with Dither
  17. CYCC_PRMod   Pseudo Random Modulated Density Generator
  18. CYCC_PWM8   Pulse Width Modulator with Enable
  19. CYCC_PWMod   Pulse Width Modulated Density Generator
  20. CYCC_PWModA  Pulse Width Modulated Density Generator with Dither

Design the way you think with PSoC Creator!

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a. Many thanks for these very usefull components. 

b. Nice motivation to learn Verilog for PSoC.

c. Please, can you be so kind and enlarge the collection for 74HC165, 74HC390, 74HC393, and 74HC4094 components.



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Is there a reason you need 4bit ripple counters when there is already the basic counter component available (which implements a synchronous counter)?

And when you want to learn verilog, e.g. the HC165 is nearly the same as the provided HC166, so you might want to implement this by qourself...

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Some training resources -      Just Enough Verilog for PSoC® - KBA86336       Creating a Verilog-based Component - KBA86338  AN82250 - PSoC® 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP Implementing Programmable Logic Designs with Verilog   Datapath Videos        PLD Componets using Verilog


Regards, Dana.





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 dana you forgot the warp_verilog_reference.pdf file found in PSOC Creator documentation folder. 

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 Great and usefull components !


Many thanks

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Nice to have more learning materials. Good work.

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