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VID and PID for PSOC5

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I am using the PSoC5 Pioneer Kit USB as USBUART and for development purposes, I still used the Cypress VID. 

I wanted to be able to get the PSoC5 VID and PID using a command protocol sent from the PC Terminal such that if the pioneer kit received "?UVID" command from the hyperterminal, the pioneer kit will display, "Vendor ID = 04b4" and I wouldn't want to manually code the vendor ID .

char8* reply_str;

reply_str = "Vendor ID = 04b4";

while ( USBUART_CDCIsReady() == 0u ); 
USBUART_PutString(reply_str );

Although this code excerpt would work just the same, I am looking for a dynamic way to read out the Vendor ID and Product ID. There was no GetVendorID() or GetProductID() from the list of the USB API. 

We will be changing the VID and the PID on the final release for the production in the future which explains basically why I am after the dynamic acquisition of both the VID and the PID. It would be great if someone could help me out.




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The array USBUART_1_DEVICE0_DESCR[18u]  in USBUART_1_descr.c stores the device descriptors. It has vendor id and product id as its sevent and 8th elements. these values will be modified every time you change vid and pid in the project. 

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Sorry, vid and pid are 9th and 11th in the array, not 7th and 8th.

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By the way, you could ask Cypress for your own PID/VID combination

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