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Use CY8C55 Module without the development Board? | Cypress Semiconductor

Use CY8C55 Module without the development Board?

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can I use the Cy8C55 Processor Module wich is inkludet in the CY8YKIT-001 witout the dev-Board.

On the Module is a pin called VBAT and there are 2 GND pins.

If its possible how many Volts can i connect there.

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 It is not easy but possible, you can find the circuit diagram of the board. Not sure if it comes with the board or in the CD.

These two thread may help


happy prototyping :-)

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Schematic Attached.


Regards, Dana.

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Yes, you can do that, but you need to supply all the needed signals. Out of the blue you need:

  • on J1, the reset signal, the supply voltages and maybe the JTAG / SWD signals
  • on J2-J4, you need to supply the supply voltages (Vdda and Vddio)

If you want to manipulate the module, you can connect the supply voltages together with some wires, then you would need only the connection on J1.

As for Vbat: you would need the internal boost converter for this, but this has been disabled on the PSoC5 devices due to some problems.

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 wouldn't it be easier to just design a basic CY8C5XXX breakout board?

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