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The unexpected CPU reset | Cypress Semiconductor

The unexpected CPU reset

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Nice to meet you.

I am troubled now unexpected CPU reset.

Frequency with which it occurs is about once per hour.

It uses the watchdog timer,but is it not the cause.

In the main routine just to be sure, I'm writing to...




It is quite troubled, but there is no place to come to mind in the other.

I think there are cases where the same thing is happening in other user?

Type name of the CPU,CY8C5868AXI-LP035(PSOC5LP).

Development envrionment PSoC Creator 2.2 SP1

Use external clock 24MHz OSC-IC.


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Welcome in the forum, TXX!

Sorry to say, but there have been no unexpected resets been so far, except those that have been caused by noisy power supply.

One user talked about start/stop of strong motors or magnetics which caused reset, shielding helped.

I would suggest you to upgrade (for free) to Creator 3.2 using Cypress Update Manager. There have been improvements and error corrections for some components since, but none addresses unexpected resets.


Happy coding


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