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Unable to include stdlib.h

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I am trying to build code for the Psoc5 that uses the itoa function from stdlib.h.

I have the #include <stdlib.h> at the beginning of main.c but It is not being included and I am getting errors related to

undefined references to itoa. Do I need to explicitly set the include path in the build settings? and if so where would they be located.



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Hi r2park,


If you are intending to convert from integer to ASCII string, then did you try using the sprintf( ) function to do the same?

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Well, as a matter of fact I use "#include <stdlib.h>" in a PSoC5 - project without any error-message. You should check for

An installation-error

An error occuring BEFORE the #include (mismatched brckets, missing semicolon...)


A search reveiled 4 files named "stdio.h" one for each compiler (Keil, GNU 4, GNU generic, GNU ++)




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 Hello there. As Bob has pointed out, you can include stdlib.h without any issues. However, note that i2a may not be a standard C function. The best possible solution is to use, sprintf if what you are trying to achieve is integer to ascii conversion. 

You can do it as follows, 


sprintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "%d", i);

your ascii result is now present in the buffer. You might have to include stdio.h in order to use sprintf

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Thanks, the sprintf function works great. I had assumed that the itoa was a standard function due to atoi being in stlib.h

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