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UDB Clock Enables - What can I connect the output to? | Cypress Semiconductor

UDB Clock Enables - What can I connect the output to?

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 I'm trying to use a UDB clock enable to create a gated clock for a bunch of shift registers and a counter.


The input clock (to the clock enable) is just a 1MHz clock generated by the PSoC. The enable signal is a control register bit.  The output of the UDB clock enable *only* connects to the clock input of 6 ShiftReg_v2_30 blocks and a Counter_v2_40 block which has been configured to use UDB (not fixed function).


When I go to build the application, PSoC Creator explodes, saying "The UDB Clock/Enable components may only drive clocks in UDB content and \MyUDBEn:udbclkenable\ is connected to clk_en on \MyShiftReg:bSR:ClkEn\" -- the same error is repeated for what I am guessing is every register the clock enable output touches in each of the modules.


I do notice that some PSoC component blocks have a pink header and most have a green header, and I am guessing that that has something to do with why I can't get this to work.


On a more general note, what is the correct way to generate a glitch-free gated clock for PSoC components?

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