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touchpad three dimensional

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Hi everyone,

For my application in need more capsenses than the number of pin available on my design. I would like to use a matrix button or touchpad but i'm confused. It is write that "When more than one row or column sensor is in the TOUCH state, then the finger location cannot be resolved, and the situation is considered an invalid condition."

My question is, is there any way to measure more capsense with the 3rd dimension?

If I use a matrix 3 by 3 for example, and I measure step by step

column1 row1

column1 row2

column1 row3

column2 row1

column2 row2

column2 row3

column3 row1

column3 row2

column3 row3​

I am able to measure my 9 electrodes right?


Thank you very much

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If you are using PSoc 5 device then you can use CSD(self cap) matrix button. But you can't detect more than one finger simultaneously. If this feature is needed then you have to opt PSoC 4 (expect 41XX) which has CSX trackpad (mutual cap).




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