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Select Debug Target empty

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I have a CY8CKIT-014 Psoc 5 First Touch starter Kit and a CY8CKIT-001 PSOC development kit. I have installed the necessary drivers and program on my computer but I cannot program the Psocs as the "Select Debug Target.." menu  is constantly empty. I have first installed the drivers from the CDs, but also from the website to make sure they were up to date.


I saw another post on this problem but the fix suggested did not work for me. I made sure the psoc was on before plugging in the miniprog3, and the problem is also there for the smaller Psoc 5 from the starter Kit (which does not require the miniprog3). I have reinstalled the drivers and programs several times now and restarted my computer too. My computer runs under Windows 7-64 bits.


Would you  have any suggestions?


Thank you very much,



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I assume you are using PSoC Creator 1.0 or later. We recommend you to upgrade you to the latest version of PSoC Creator that is available here,

  • In the latest version of PSoC Creator, when you click the program button, if the device selected in the project( using the device selector catalog the program) matches with the target device to which Miniprog3 is connected programming continues smoothly.
  • If the programming does not start, the target device is not acquired and a window will appear similar to what is shown in the picture attached(prog1.jpg). 
  • Now Click on Apply Settings and the device connected will appear,
  • Now click Port Acquire, . Click connect and then say OK, the device should program successfully.
  • If the device does not appear in the list when Apply Settings is clicked, a possible reason could be due to the device may not being powered.


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I saw a similar problem during one of our developer conferences.  We had to uninstall and reinstall PSoC Programmer.  


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There's a connection between the J15 and BLE vdd beside the PROC/PSOC holders which kind of disconnects the BLE. So if you place the shunt then you can recognize your BLE on the computer. Try this out.


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 I am afraid that in 2011 there was not yet a Cypress BLE chip or board available, so what do you mean with your suggestion.



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