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PSOC5 LP, I2C Master

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 How to use interrupt method to do I2C master transfer with EEPROM(I2C Slave)?

Is there any reference code?

Because when I try this method, it always failed.

I have used start(write)->sendbyte()->start(read)->receivebyte()->stop() to do the operation, it works fine.

But I still want to try interrupt method: writebuffer(no_stop)->readbuffer(repeatstart) to do the same thing. Because sometime, the first method will fail... It hangup in start(write), there was a while(1)  loop in BSP, that's not good.



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The MasterWriteBuf() / MasterReadBuf() methods already work with interrupts. They can generate also the start condition. Is this what you need? If not - what do you want to achieve?

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