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Psoc5 first touch kit | Cypress Semiconductor

Psoc5 first touch kit

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dear all,

i have psoc5 first touch kit

when i power up the kit, psoc chip is getting started to heat up

i don't know what i have done wrong and this happend, but i was working with  DI and DO which were having 5 v max. may be i have interchanged DI/ DO accidently. is this the reson of heating? i don't see any burning in kit. i am still able to download program and run it. but i fear if time elpses with power on, something will happen to chip

 what shoul i do??

Warm Regards

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dont panic.Could you be a little clearer on what DI and DO are?

But from your description,yeah,thats almost definitely the problem.Not even the PSoC takes kindly to swapped power polarity.

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