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psoc3 device recognition failed | Cypress Semiconductor

psoc3 device recognition failed

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While running the program and working with the creator software (ribbon cable still attached), I pressed the "program-botton" instead of the "Compile-File-button" which is right next to it. So it started with "place an route" and so on and there was an error when compiling the program.

In the Development-Kit-Guide is a paragraph about that:

Note: The MiniProg3 should not be "hot plugged" into processor modules that are attached to the PSoC Development Board. In other words, do not plug the ribbon cable of the MiniProg3 into the processor module while code is actively running on the module. Doing so may cause the PSoC device to unintentionally reset. Power down the PSoC Development Board and module by unplugging the power supply from the Development Board before attaching the MiniProg3 device to the module board. Once the ribbon cable is attached to the module board, power can then be applied to the system by plugging in the power supply to the PSoC Development Board. This will

avoid any undesirable PSoC device resets.quote>

Now the PSoC3 divice cannot be found anymore when trying to program it.

Has it something to do with that or is it damaged and how can i check that?

Regards, Martin

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I'd be really surprised if you damaged it. The warning is more to avoid unpredictable behaviour on that connection than a long-term issue. What do you see when trying to connect? Note that if you have never built the program it will not try to connect and download. What do you see in the Debug menu -> select Debug Target dialog?

-- mgs

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