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PSoC World Promos from ARM and ARROW | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC World Promos from ARM and ARROW

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Wouldn't it have been enough to post these links once instead of flooding the forum three times with the same information? Or did you intend to post it in PSoC5, 3 and 1 branches each.




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I understand if you wnat to provide notice to an EE working on a

PSOC 5LP design, he may not be looking in the other forums,

so if you only posted in PSOC 1 he would not be notified.


But if forum groups had an announcement group, or better yet

a place in user registered profile to check off notifications wanted,

this would be better than "push" advertising, which slowly erodes

the users desire to participate in all things Cypress. Most people

opt out when abused.


20'th century forum software is sad.


Regards, Dana.

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Agree with Dana

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