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Psoc creator + emWin

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Hi all,

I have been trying to configure emwin package with PSoC creator with no succes, and I am stuck.

I have followed one by one all the indications in the document file.

In the end I have tryed with a new workspace, a new blank project, configure compiler and linker as indicated for ARM GCC, no other files included, no other code, just blank project and emwin configured as indicated in the document, if I build it i get:

Build error: The command 'arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe' failed with exit code '1'.

I have been searching in the many post in the forum for emwin, but I have not find any solution for my problem.

Has anyone any suggestion?



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This short error message is usually caused by a linker error. Go through the compilation & linking report on the output window and check for any messages.



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there is an old thread with a project showing emWin usage with parallel TFT LCD, check it out:

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Thanks for answering, I have download it, and I get the same error when trying to build :(


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got it working ones, but it was a bit of a pain ;-)
Can you provide archive of your project that we can have a closer look? 
Please also let us know which creator version you are using.

All the Best

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Thanks Franksandero,

In the end I could built it, ;) I didn't realized that I should include two different paths for includes...


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