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Is PSoC 5LP damaged? | Cypress Semiconductor

Is PSoC 5LP damaged?

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 When i tried to program a precision rectifier on PSoC 5LP the main power supply LED started blinking. The PSoC creator cannot detect the module anymore. The LED blinks when SW3 is kept on 5V but is steady for 3.3V. In either case it does not get detected while selecting the debug target. The PSoC 3 module gets detected and the power supply LED stays stable for both SW3 at 5V or 3.3V. This has led me to believe that PSoC 5LP is damaged. How do I check if the module is working? Can I buy the module separately if it is indeed damaged? My project deadline is due this week and I really need to find a way out. Please help.

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We are talking about a -001 kit, do we? When you look at the schematics (in the appendix of the user guide), you see that the 3.3V regulator is powered by the 5.0V rail, and the LED is too. So this is kind of strange. It might be that just one of the capacitors on the PSOC5LP module got damaged, causing this behaviour (but it might be the PSoC itself, who knows...)


In any case, you can order a PSoC5LP module separately:

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Part number you are looking for is CY8CKIT-010A.

Regards, Dana.

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