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Problem with waveDAC | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem with waveDAC

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Hi, i hope that somebody can help me, i have been traying to use te module waveDAC. My first problem started when i try to find the file  WaveDAC8_v1_50.cylib. i search for all my computer and i cant find it, finally I get the waveDAC 1.60 in a forum but when I build the designe appear some  errors :

sdb.M0070: Component "waveDAC" uses components 'cy_clock_v1_50' in its implementation. 'cy_clock_v1_50' has error. The cy_clokc_v1_50 componet (waveDAC_DacClk) is an obsolete component . It is no longer recomended for use and should be remplaced with a production version of the component. 

the same legend appear for cy_dma_1_50, demus v1_0.

I hope that somebody can say me how to fix it, or how to find the file waveDAC 1.70 in my computer please, and sorry if a have bad drafting my mother lengueaje is spanish but I hpoe that can understand it. 


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Have a look here for the wavedac8 component. I didn't use it for a pretty long time, it may be that there is some work needed to get it running again.



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I used the module in last 30 days, should be good to go.


Regards, Dana.

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