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Problem using CY8CLED16P01-28PVXI | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem using CY8CLED16P01-28PVXI

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I just bought 5 pieces of CY8CLED16P01-28PVXI and I solder it on my design circuit based on the CY3276 application notes. I implement the PLT user module in PSoC Designer and install on the chip. I use a simple transmitting code given by the example from PLC application notes. However, the chip won't transmit any data out from the FSK_OUT pin and so as the other four new pieces. The following attachment is my sample code. May I know what is the problem?

Thanks and your help is much appreciated.



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Hi yx,


This question will be answered better if it is posted in PSoC1 Topics forum. This section mainly deals with PSoC5.

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