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how to implement floating point computing such as 'log'? | Cypress Semiconductor

how to implement floating point computing such as 'log'?

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hello, I am a custermor who use your product CYCKIT-050 development KIT. I want to do some floating point computing on such chip. I could run your demo project like ADC_DAC, LCD, etc...

However when I implement a program used y=log(x), the compiler showed error and fail to compile. I have already include "math.h" in my project:

#include <device.h>
#include <math.h>

void main()

{ float y,x;



It compiled wrong in the PSoC Creator 2.1 enviroment! but when I write y=log(10); the compiling seemed ok. Such problem really confused me, please help me out!!

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Try this:

Goto Project > Build Settings > Linker > General > Additional Libraries.

Now type m in the Additional Libraries field. 

You could also refer to this KB article:

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Congratulations! Your first post and a quite correct, prompt and complete one!



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This math library supports log10() function as well.




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