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An error on building projects with PSoC 5 | Cypress Semiconductor

An error on building projects with PSoC 5

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I have CY3271 PSoC firsttouch starter kit,
i began by following the examples given in CyFi training videos
when i try to build any project, an error occures

This is the error report

Generating Tnode project...

Starting MAKE...


process_begin: CreateProcess((null), cpsoc.exe --asmlist --errformat --chip=CY8C27443B --WARN=0 --OPT=asm,9 --pass1 --double=32 -q -I./lib -IG:/PROGRA~1/Cypress/Common/CY3E64~1/tools/include/CY8C27~1 -Olib/obj/cyfisnp_debug.p1 lib/cyfisnp_debug.c, ...) failed.

make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.

G:\PROGRA~1\Cypress\Common\CY3E64~1\tools\make: *** [lib/obj/cyfisnp_debug.p1] Error 2

Tnode - 1 error(s) 0 warning(s) 10:36:53

I tried several times, how can i solve it

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You said PSoC 5, but the FirstTouch Kit you mentioned is for PSoC 1.  So I'm assuming that you are having this problem inside of PSoC Designer (and not PSoC Creator).  Can you post what version of PSoC Designer you are running?




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